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A Fresh Safe Working Policy

Fresh Photo House will be continuing to work and taking care of you. 

We are taking the current situation very seriously and want to reassure you that the way we conduct our work will be safe, thoughtful of all involved and within the Government guidelines set out by Public Health England. 

It would be best, where possible, for the properties to be vacated while we attend. If that is not possible, we would request every occupant to please wear a face mask and stay in one room while we operate in the rest of the property. A transition from room to room while maintaining a safe distance will need to occur when we need to access the segregated room.

Before entering any premises, our staff will be wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (face mask, gloves, shoe coverings where possible and using hand-sanitiser). We will wash our hands / use hand sanitiser and limit what we come in touch with.

We will require every property to be tidy and ready to be photograph. We will not be able to tidy or rearrange anything in the property as we need to limit our contact.

To help please see our guide to getting your property ready:

Property Presentation Guide.pdf

We request to be notified if anyone in the property is experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or isolating prior to our visit and will not attend or enter a property if there is any risk to our staff. We will not attend any property if the occupants are deemed as ‘high risk’.

Our staff will not attend if they are presenting any symptoms of COVID-19.

Our practices and approach will be under constant review as to keep up to date with any development.

To Summarise


  • Let us know if you or the occupants are presenting symptoms, isolating or ‘high risk’
  • Please vacate the property – remain in one room if it is not possible to leave
  • Wear a face mask when meeting or interacting with our staff
  • Present your property in the best way we cannot move or rearrange
  • Please disinfect where necessary after we have left


  • Wear face mask, gloves & shoe coverings before meeting and entering
  • Minimise contact within the property
  • Socially distance at all times
  • Have your safety in mind as well as their own