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The Picture Perfect Property


Having your home photographed can be a daunting task, even more so when you are marketing your property. Luckily we’ve compiled a few pointers to follow to help ease the process whilst ensuring your property’s best features are accentuated.

For the best exterior photo remove all bins and rubbish from outside your property, as well as removing all cars/ bikes from the driveway. Be sure to keep windows shut and the blinds and curtains at equal levels.

You want buyers to be able to picture themselves in your property; making sure the interiors of your home are welcoming but not crowded or personalised. Clearing surfaces and removing children’s toys, personal photos or clutter will help brighten a room making it more inviting in photos. We will always do our best to remove wires from photos however if they can be removed manually or hidden it will ensure each room has a seamless finish. The phrase ‘less is more’ should be a general rule of thumb throughout the preparation process.

A kitchen can be the main living area, heart of a property or just a place to cook dinner. This area of the property will greatly benefit from being prepared. For this reason it is important to remove all products from the surfaces leaving them as clear as possible. Bins should be be hidden away in hallways, all cupboards and drawers closed and table and chairs neatly arranged.


If this attitude is followed throughout the preparation process, our photographers can be sure to photograph your property at it’s best. Preparing your home for your next photography visit can be easy, just follow our tips!

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